Redundancy payments.
subject to a maximum of 600 per week. Ex-gratia redundancy payments above the statutory redundancy amount are exempt from USC up to certain limits. The limits are 10160, plus 765 per full year of service in excess of statutory redundancy.
Redundancy Terminating or suspending employment UNISON National.
The threat of redundancy affects many UNISON members as local and central government departments aim to meet cost-cutting targets by reducing staff. Redundancy is often a quick way for employers to cut costs. The threat of redundancy affects thousands of UNISON members.
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Related Words for redundancy. repetition, attrition, overabundance, wordiness, superfluity, excess, prolixity, tautology, profusion, superabundance, verbosity, circumlocution, verboseness, verbiage, pleonasm, supererogation, periphrasis. Examples from the Web for redundancy. Contemporary Examples of redundancy. Redundancy in general remains an issue for Wolcott: white-boned, pale-moon, bulk-sized, streaming cataract, forlorn rue.
What is redundancy?
If youre an employee who has worked continuously for an employer for at least two years and you are being made redundant, you have the right to redundancy pay. Youre also eligible if you have a fixed-term contract of two years or more that expires and is not renewed because of redundancy.
Redundancy payments Australian Taxation Office.
A genuine redundancy payment is a payment made to you as an employee who is dismissed because the job you were doing has been abolished that is, your employer has made a decision that your job no longer exists, and your employment is to be terminated.
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If youre faced with redundancy, your employer must treat you fairly and act in accordance with your contract and legal redundancy rights. That includes making sure youre consulted, following the right selection process and giving you a proper notice period.
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Redundancy engineering, the duplication of critical components or functions of a system with the intention of increasing reliability. Redundancy information theory, the number of bits used to transmit a message minus the number of bits of actual information in the message.
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Some abs modules use two computers for the same application as a redundancy in case one of them fail. redundant redundancy redundancey redundent poop. by diesel for lunch December 21, 2013. Get a redundancy mug for your Facebook friend Jovana.
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Il y a eu cinquante licenciements. compulsory redundancy licenciement m économique par opposition à voluntary" redundancy" départ volontaire. The ministry hopes to avoid compulsory redundancies. voluntary redundancy départ m volontaire. The company would like to reduce staff through voluntary redundancy.

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